Old is Gold and So is Historical Data: Introducing Historical Data Insights

History has been quite substantial in shaping every aspect of our present-day society. And past is something that you may love or you may hate but you cannot ignore!

And the same goes with social media monitoring, with valuable insights from your past you can better strategize and plan your brand’s future. Isn’t that amazing?

Real-time Data vs Historical Data

Real-time Data

In the present-day world scenario, anything that is real-time grabs our attention. And who better understands the importance of real-time monitoring other than analysts and marketers with brands who are always striving to improve their customer experience, crisis management and responsiveness with real-time social media monitoring which will also give them an edge over their competitors. Well, this gives us a clear picture of what significance real-time monitoring carries with it.

Historical Data

But, anything that is real-time should be dealt with in real-time too or else there is no meaning to its purpose. Isn’t it? Now, let's see the other side of the coin which says that anything that is not real-time is historical and without wholly understanding the historical context of a mention, social analysts will struggle to drive reliable meaning from their data. And to be honest we don't want that to happen.

Before introducing you to our data analysis feature let me explain you in brief about-

How Rank Me Online’s historical data analysis will benefit your brand?

  • With data history of mentions, you can get access to your previous marketing history- what worked for your brand and what not, drive insights from them, and develop an effective marketing strategy for your future campaigns.
  • Our AI-powered tool provides you detailed insights on trends by analyzing past mentions, giving you a fair idea on what initiated that trend, how the audience reacted to it and the development of such trends in the future and its acceptability, enabling you to make quick and effective decisions.
  • There is a famous saying-“the sins of the fathers shall be borne by the sons”. Likewise, do not let negative comments of the past hamper your present brand image. Our historical data analysis lets you access the important past comments that need to be dealt with, or that could be shaping the sketch of the crisis.
  • Reveal the sentiments of the mentions based on positive, negative and neutral.
  • Access data with the use of various filters and categories that enables you to sort data by mention source, mention type, location, language as well as demographics.

Introducing one of the most efficient and simplest forms of historical analysis

Even if most of our customers are amazed by the fact that they will get real-time alerts, to assist them in their monitoring adventure but there are some who were interested in knowing if they can see the previous mentions of the last six months or one year.

And we are happy to say that- yes, now you can!! You can trackback your mentions and drive insights from it. Learn from past events and strategize your next marketing step. In actual sense, it can create wonders!!

Rank Me Online being a customer-centric brand took it seriously and came up with something simple and effective. Our historical data analysis allows you to track back your mentions up to one year especially from Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Yes, you heard it right!! We are taking you one year back in time. Now, we are well aware that there are products in the market, that gives you an unlimited time frame to track your mentions. Honestly saying we are not into that now and solely focusing on practicality starting with a time frame of one year. Framing it up it can also be said that- some battles are so worthy that it’s glorious even to lose! But not in the real sense. We are on it – always striving to deliver the best

How does it work?

Sophistication does not always guarantee a better user experience and this is what we strongly believe here at Rank Me Online. Saying this I would like to continue that whereas there are multiple tools available in the market that boasts about their fancy layout, sophisticated UI and all that. We have kept our historical data functionality simple but efficient and easy to operate. Just three simple steps and all the data of the past dating back to one year will be right in front of you.

To make it easier let me just write down the steps for you-

Step 1: Log in to your Dashboard on https://rankme.online/login


Step 2: Click on the Time Picker box situated at the top right of the page just below the See Walkthrough option.



Step 3: Select the time range of your interest from the dropdown menu by clicking on the Custom range button and then click Apply.

And that’s it!! Your desired mentions will be right in front of you. The platform supports on request for historical data archives and the archival time majorly depends on the source of interest.

 Isn’t that simple?? No setting up alerts, no check-boxes, no toggles just a simple search is all you need to do.

So, what’s holding you back?? Hop in and access your valuable mentions that got lost in this humongous amount of data over time and make Rank Me Online your data time travel partner!! 


Himangshu Kalita

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