6 Ways to Leverage Social Listening for Lead Generation in 2019

What is our Goal?

Lower Acquisition Costs for Leads
Use Social Listening to Increase Organic Leads
Traditional Approach to Lead Generation

It is a process to find people who need the product. The prospective customers are called as leads and can be divided into hot leads and cold leads. Hot leads are the clients who have expressed a need for the product and are actively looking to fulfill their requirement. Cold leads are the customers who have a very high potential of having the need of the product. They need to be educated about the product so that they can decide on moving forward or not.

Companies buy data in form of cold leads and use their sales team to drive the process further. Companies also use digital marketing in the form of Google Adwords, Facebook ads to find people who need the product. Lead generation also spans to BTL activities  like physically approaching people in events or gatherings. Setting up a canopy or a dedicated space where potential customers can be found to help them get educated about the product.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the process of monitoring social media and the rest of the web. The gathered data can be used to understand the perception of the brand and analyzing competitor’s complete target audience. While social listening is very vast and has lots of opportunities, harnessing the data for a purpose becomes a process altogether.

Let me take a case study based approach to help you understand more and find actual answers with data. 

Problem Statement:

A new preschool has opened in X location. The target audience comprises of high income group parents and expats in and around X location. Preschool has appointed Y agency to do lead generation.Y agency being a supercool agency and completely data oriented and tech friendly, has appointed Rank Me Online to do social listening and find insights for directing lead generation to maximum advantage.

Marrying Social Listening with Lead Generation

Here are six ways to increase leads with social listening – organic with greater lifetime value(LTV)

1. Finding websites for content and engagement

Articles, blogs, review forums, discussions forums niche to the target audience. These websites can be targeted specifically to post useful content about the brand and creating awareness about the product.

The major platforms for this target audience is Quora where a lot of questions as screenshots below have been posted. The next platforms are buzzingbubs.com ( a listing site for preschools), womensweb.in ( portal where women talk about topics concerning them) , homereview.in ( a platform for reviewing real estate property) , saurinparikh.com ( a personal blog by a mother about parenting).

2. Direct leads on web & social media platforms

Social listening directly tells you when someone has written something about your keywords. By selecting the right set of audience keywords, the brand can be alerted when someone writes and the brand can then engage directly with the person.

In our case, being on the top for all questions regarding preschools and parenting is very important for the brand to be in the eyes of all. The platform directly tells which of the questions need to be answered by selecting the questions based on keywords.

For social media, it directly helps the preschool connect with the parents and make them aware of the facility.

3. Finding competitors from the eyes of the audience 

The platform picks the major players that people are talking about from the conversations in the form of “entities/buzzwords”. A glance at them can quickly tell who are the major players that the audience already knows. This information helps in tracking these competitors separately, understanding their marketing strategies and doing better than them. While putting keyword based paid ads ( Google Adwords) , these keywords can be targeted to get the audience attention.

For our current use case, it found the preschools that the audience talks about namely – Little Elly, Indus, Inventure Academy, Neev, and Kidzee.

4. Finding competitors at-risk customers and stealing them away

By tracking competitor brands, all the public conversations associated with the competitors will appear in the project. By regularly tracking the negative feedback received to them and engaging with that particular leads, brands can convert them to their customers.

For our current use case, the negative feedbacks of the competitors are as below:

5. Discover influencers in the niche 

Promote the brand through the influencers who drive more engaged community than digital. These influencers are hard to find but with social listening, finding niche influencers is a piece of cake. The influencers already talk the same keywords that are tracked and hence are the most apt to pursue for collaborations.

6. Improvise on the content strategy

The content strategy can be heavily boosted by understanding what clicks with the audience. By  understanding digital mentions, social listening can give direct answers to what type of content should be posted, what keywords are working better.

  • Find relevant hashtags to be used
  • Find which topics interest the audience more
  • Find which social channels interest the audience more

For our current use-case, the following can be understood-

Now that you are well aware about how to use social listening in generating high value leads from social media, you can give Rank Me Online a try and that too for free!!

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