50 Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags help social media platforms categorize your content so that your content can be easily discovered by your target audience. The more visibility you get, the more likely you are to get followers and increase your community. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you use hashtags strategically. Even if your content is extremely thought out, by using random hashtags it may not become discoverable to the right audience and hence will not product any effect on your business in long term. These hashtags also play a very important role in inbound marketing by making sure that the audience is driven to your page when they discover your content using a hashtags which is relevant to their need.

Instagram now allows its users to follow hashtags as well which means that you can engage not only with your followers but also with audience following a certain hashtag on instagram as well. By designing useful and relevant for such audience increases the likelihood of this audience engaging with you because this is exactly what they are looking for.

You can make your content discoverable by using hashtags in 2 particular ways

1. Use Trending Hashtags

You can take part in the trending conversations happening on social media and using those trending hashtags to make yourself visible among new audience who is talking about the same topics.

2. Use Niche Hashtags

Using popular and general hashtags has a drawback. Since a lot of people are using that those hashtags, your post may not become discoverable to your target audience. For example, #halloween is a very wide hashtags containing a lot of categories under it, so if you want to increase your awareness among halloween candy, it would be better for you to use #halloweencandy hashtag.

The list of most commonly used hashtags keeps changing as people regularly post more and more content online. Here is a list of 50 most frequently used hashtags on social media in the last 3 months.

  1. love
  2. instagood
  3. travel
  4. photooftheday
  5. photography
  6. fitness
  7. art
  8. fashion
  9. motivation
  10. nature
  11. summer
  12. beautiful
  13. picoftheday
  14. travelgram
  15. travelblogger
  16. wanderlust
  17. Repost
  18. instadaily
  19. instagram
  20. happy
  21. fitfam
  22. life
  23. Foodie
  24. food
  25. inspiration
  26. foodporn
  27. health
  28. follow
  29. workout
  30. explore
  31. adventure
  32. sunset
  33. MUSIC
  34. yoga
  35. fit
  36. instafood
  37. travelphotography
  38. success
  39. fun
  40. liketkit
  41. style
  42. smile
  43. beauty
  44. FitnessMotivation
  45. instapic
  46. gym
  47. beach
  48. bodybuilding
  49. happiness
  50. Entrepreneur

Even though Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, it doesn’t necessarily means you fill it up with hashtags which may or may not be relevant to your category or audience. Find out the magic number that works for you.

The graph below will give you an idea on how many hashtags are on an average used in social media posts.

Some points to keep in mind while using hashtags on social media

  1. Keep track of the seasonal hashtags like – summer, winter, holiday hashtags etc.
  2. Instagram penalizes people who consistently use same set of hashtags in every post. So make sure your hashtags are relevant to the content you are posting online.
  3. Use long tail hashtags to target a specific audience and short tail hashtags to reach a mass audience
  4. Keep track of latest trending hashtags and take advantage of the ones relevant to your content
  5. Use the Most Popular Instagram Hashtags strategically
  6. Use a mix of your industry hashtags and your brand specific hashtags
  7. Analyze which hashtags and number of hashtags works for your content
  8. Analyze the hashtags your competitors and audience are using frequently
  9. Use specific hashtags for your campaign to make campaign analysis easier

Deepti Singh Chauhan

Deepti Chauhan is the CoFounder and CMO of Rank Me Online where she is responsible for sales, marketing and business development activities for the firm. Deepti has worked as a Senior Business Analyst with Cognizant Digital Business Solutions. She has experience working in sales with AkzoNobel India in the decorative paints segment. She has an MBA in International Business from IIFT Delhi majoring in Marketing. She was also a Senior Executive Member of Media Committee at IIFT where her responsibilities included but were not limited to, managing the brand IIFT in any and all forms of media. Prior to joining IIFT, she worked in Samsung in R&D department after graduation from DCE in 2012.