Reasons Why brand monitoring is important for Hospitality Industry?

How online review monitoring is important for the hospitality industry?

The Importance of online reviews existence and their management is growing in the hospitality industry. Before visiting any place or any hotel, customers are used to checking their star ratings and especially read their descriptive online reviews which help them to select the best hotel according to their budget and suitability. Hoteliers can’t ignore the role of online reputation management. Negative reviews can impact the reputation of the business. It should be monitored and settled before it ruins the reputation of an image of a business. Customers are very selective when it comes to hospitality. Customers believe in customers only regardless how many advertisements you are owning, but Customers will believe only in Online reviews. 

Being a hotelier, it is necessary to obtain positive feedback and reviews from your customers, as good word of mouthing is the best substitute for marketing expenditures as well as there must be some visible efforts to diminish negative reviews and instead use them for improving the quality of the hotel in question.

Good reviews and feedback not only push up rankings but also gives better reputation, satisfied customers and increased revenue.


Reasons Why Brand monitoring matter for Hospitality industry ?

98% customers read other guest reviews before booking

Every customer wants to utilize it’s each and every penny in right way. Most of the travelers and visitors in hotels are staying with the purpose of business meetings, official meet and for fun. Whether customers are staying for business purpose or for personal purpose, they need good accommodation service, lack the satisfaction of guests can leave a negative impact which leads to the bad presence of your business.

Guests want A-one services when they are out of their daily lives. If they are paying they don’t want any single factor to ruin their vacations, happiness and joy, to get maximum and desired services, they are ready to pay more. Hotels should provide best services to get a good reputation and high revenue.

76% of customers are ready to pay more to high scored hotels

Customers believe reviews more than official business communication

Customers are more likely to believe reviews then advertisements and official business campaigns. Every hotelier thinks that they are serving best as well as wants to attract maximum customers. Customers believe the genuine online reviews to better know the services of any hotel before bookings. As they want to know the actual problems which have been faced by the other customers been there earlier.

Consumers read online reviews to evaluate and determine the right decision of buying. Consumers evaluate all the alternatives and choose the one which has positive reviews and high star ratings as well as suitable in terms of everything. This is how positive reviews influenced the buying decision of the consumer.

68% of consumer purchasing is influenced by the reviews they read online

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