5 Reasons why real estate industry need to maintain an online image?

Why review monitoring is important for the real estate industry?

Earlier big real estate developers used to go for Questionnaire surveys to know the feedback of their clients so that they can improve their services and make sure that the same mistake will not be faced by the next and new customers but due to advancement of technology and moving the business to digital world, the way of dealing in business and getting the feedback has been changed .Now customers are more likely to check reviews before buying even Items of clothing from any new website, and real estate incurs huge investment as well as involves high risk. Here comes the role of BRAND MONITORING.

As a business, if we open the chance of posting reviews then there are equal chances of getting of negative as well as positive reviews. Customers would love to share their feedback if they get the services in a desired way as well as will aggressively post feedback if unsatisfied. No one ignore the loss in real estate as it involves huge investment. To get the benefits out of reviews, businesses need to check and monitor their brand visibility because, without monitoring, it can’t be managed. This is why Brand monitoring is important to check your brand reputation regularly and mentions at a different place. 

Manual brand monitoring involves huge cost and more time but brand monitoring tools are the solution which helps to show the reports which include competitors monitoring, reputation score etc. Customers will not go to providers to ask about their services they will check their reputation. Brand monitoring is all about what is being said about the brand online. Reputation is everything in real estate and it should be managed in a right way.

Reasons why real estate needs to maintain its online image

Customers read online reviews for huge investments

Before indulging high investment in real estate more than 85% customers believe in reviews and feedback from ex-customers which are present on the reviews posting sites. Reviews from clients are more influential than anything you can say by yourself. Before going to realtors, Customers are likely to visit all the real estate review websites to invest securely.

33% of first-time real estate clients choose their agent based on reputation. The overall average of reviews and ratings defines the reputation status of any business. It specifies it is good or bad? Reputation plays an important role in the preferences or consumer’s buying behaviour. Reputation follows monitoring. Reputation needs to be settled before it starts losing your business.

Clients choose agents based on their reputation

Clients read online reviews to determine the quality of a business

90% of consumers judge brand and their services on the basis of their reviews online. New customers always determine the quality of a business on the basis of what is being said by the experienced customers. Chances of checking online reputation are very high before choosing the right realtors.

Being a customer if you are investing the high amount you must have some doubts about choosing the right location, investing money, instalments, possession etc. And you want quick responses on them to make yourself sure that you are taking the right decision. Late and complex answering leads to make your clients unsatisfied and moving to any other realtor.

Customers select quick responsive realtors

Reviews are more influential than ads while investing in real estates

There is no doubt in saying that advertising boosts us for buying. Advertisement of pepsodent is telecasted more than 100 times in a day ,it is because it’s features gives the potential to buy it right now as it is a consumer good for which we may change our preference to give a try .While talking about real estate,  Customers think more than thousand times before buying and they don’t go with the advertisements.   Customers rather choose to check reviews before buying. Having positive reviews can be beneficial for you, as it influences customer’s buying decision.

Shruti Sachdeva

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