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Curefit is an Indian health & Fitness company offering online and offline experiences to their customers, across health/fitness(, mental well being( and better eating habits( Health & Fitness is one of most searched and discussed topic on social media or on the web. Given that Curefit is offering health tips and fitness experiences, along with the fact that Curefit has Celebrity partnership with Hritik Roshan and Milind soman, how then is curefit perceived on the web? How their audience is reacting to their tips and ideas? What is the sentiment behind the reviews? How much influence curefit offerings is making? We analysed brand Curefit and fitness industry and arrived at some comprehensive insights regarding curefit’s influence, mentions on social and non-social media platforms, sentiment analysis etc. Trending topics and ideas is a very essential factors to any brand, to be streamlined with industry hot topics and hashtags to get more user engagement.

Some valuable insights about Curefit

Mentions about Curefit

The analysis says that data over web about the brand curefit is very high but when people search for the generic industry keywords then curefit visibility is very less. By associating curefit’s keywords with the trending keywords and hashtags in the industry would help in making content more relevant to their target audience and increase their presence under the user searches, thereby increasing user engagement.

Most influencial keywords

Body building, yoga and nutrition are the most talked about keywords amongst the audience. In spite of that keto was found to be the most frequently mentioned keyword in top influential post. Out of the 80 most influential posts, keto was mentioned in 77 posts. It underlines the fact that keto is the upcoming trends about which curefit should also post some content to connect with that audience segment.

Choice of hashtags demographically

Hashtags are used mostly on social media sites. If used properly then it can increase the visibility of posts by 10 times then organic posts. There are different industry hashtags which makes the posts more engaging. Curefit hashtags are quite different from the industry hashtags. Curefit majorly focuses on Curefit, becultfit, becurefit, befit, mindfit and eatfit which are very different from the hashtags used by their audience. We analyzed that women are more likely to use hashtags like beauty, fitness, fattofab and transformation along with the other industry hashtags and men are more likely to use hashtags like bodybuilding, muscle and hardwork. Curefit can also leverage these hashtags to focus on women and men respectively.

Distribution of influencers over different sources

According to our analysis, More than 80% Health/Fitness Industry Influencers are mostly active on Instagram. Curefit should focus on Instagram to engage with organic influencers in their industry and connected industries to build more focused campaigns.

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