PeeBuddy Brand Story


Peebuddy is a portable female urination device that makes urinating at public places easier for girls. Now, you can pee without wiping the dirty toilet seat, without hovering over it & even without catching life-long infections like Urinary tract infection. Nowadays, hygiene, cleanliness and fitness , topics are very frequently discussed on social media and PeeBuddy is the product which is women hygiene centric product but the question is : is youth ready to adopt a unique way of Urination? How Peebuddy is perceived by the target audience? Which online channel can help to give insights about the customer’s perception? Take a look at the most valueable insights of all the above questions and provides the clearer picture of the brand.

Some Valuable insights about PeeBuddy

Sources of Mentions

PeeBuddy’s mentions over web chart explains that Instagram is the source where Peebuddy is mentioned more than any other channel. Instagram is the most influencial platform these days. Our analysis highlights the fact that Instagram is doing great but other platforms need more attention. Our platform helps brand to monitor all the negative sayings and stay tuned to react actively.

Power of Hashtags

Everyone knows that google search are based on keywords and hashtags are used as keywords on social media. Every brand has its own strong hashtags and keywords. Behind the fact that the sironaindia and stand and pee is not the generic keyword still it is most used by the brand and the audience as well.  Our platform analysed that industry hashtags are quiet different from the PeeBuddy hashtags, PeeBuddy should adopt industry hashtags too to make its posts more engaging.

Influencers on different sources

Most of the PeeBuddy influencers are active on instagram as well as on twitter, but post reach and post influence are very less. 60% of influencers are actively talking about PeeBuddy on instagram. Some of the influencers are having good influence score and their posts are influencial too but some influencers are resharing the content which is not that much influential. Our platform can analyse as well as provide organic micro and celebrity influencers, so that brands can reach them for their Brand promotions.

Shruti Sachdeva

Shruti Sachdeva is a Client Servicing Manager at Energetic Stars. She is friendly, fun loving, and hardworking person who excels in nurturing company culture, and creating meaningful experiences for clients and co-workers alike. She earned Bachelor’s degree from Delhi University and now with her job she also invests her time in her studies for Masters in Business Administration. Her energy of doing mischievous things and crave for knowledge, finding new ways of customer handling makes her to stand out from the crowd and makes her more creative. In her spare time, Shruti enjoys cooking, reading, spending time with family and friends! Although not musically inclined in any way, shape, or form, Shruti loves singing because she feels it’s a Stress Burster. Moreover she was always appraised for her singing skills since her school days.

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