Google Alerts Not Working!

Google Alerts will NOT help you in social media monitoring.

From the past one year, we have kept a Google Alert on “Rank Me Online” word so that wherever the company is referenced should show up. Recently the company got a powerful feature from YourStory  which was like depicted below

Yourstory 9th October 2019

This bootstrapped startup is helping businesses and brands become more customer-centric and smart

With most businesses focussing on being customer-centric, brands are increasingly looking for quick and accurate answers on what customers want and how they want it. These include mining relevant data for customers from different platforms, including social media, blogs, review sites, news articles etc. In short, almost everywhere the brand finds a mention.

So, I really hoped Google Alert will catch it and show us promptly. The feature was done on 9th October 2019. The mail that I got from Google Alerts regarding the same was as below ( a screenshot)

It shows that the article is published by YourStory but it does not show the correct title of the mention. Also, instead of alerting me on the said day, this was one day late!


Google alerts is not the best medium to track mentions if you are really concerned about the quality of data that is coming and you want to take actions on it. You can try better suited intelligent platforms that not only gather but also analyse the mention and give actionable insights directly.


One such platform is Rank Me Online!


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