8 Easy Steps to learn the Art of making your content Viral

Step 1 : Give actionable insights

If you are a beginner in blog writing then you should definitely learn first that readers don’t want to read or learn unnecessary Gyaan or complex suggestions. Readers want to invest their time in learning things which will help them in their core work. Nowadays, everyone is seeking to learn more and more, entrepreneurs and founders are keen to learn everything, even they are ready to handle everything like there are 48 hours in their day or they don’t trust anyone else.

Being a content writer you should invest your time in making blogs which contains insightful information so that readers can read, learn and implement. The content must be very easy so that even 10 yrs kid can read and learn. The content should reflect some actionable information so that necessary implementation should be done and a reader should feel the content worth reading. Content must be this much impressive, enriched with high quality and informative that reader couldn’t resist himself/herself to post a thankful comment.

Step 2 : Content should be easy to understand and to the point

Like I already mentioned, content should be very simple and informative, it shouldn’t be complex or contains clichés, jargons, complex words or enriched with technical terms and so much of vocabulary. Try to make the content interacting so that users can ask questions and leave their reviews. Make sure it doesn’t leave the topic behind and going in other direction, Content should be crisp and to the point. Indulge more and more examples to make clear the topic to the reader. Every line should be related to the topic and should deliver the right impact after reading the topic because a user wants to read only that part which is relevant and necessary. So don’t waste the space and time on easiest and irrelevant points like I am keeping this point short as there is not much to learn about this point.

Step 3 : Enrich your blog with SEO keywords

Using SEO keywords help a lot in ranking up your blog in a search index. SEO keywords reflect good views and results even if you are not doing any SEO or digital marketing activities. To get high volume SEO keywords related to the topic you may use Keyword softwares like SEMrush, KWfinder, Keywordtool.in and many more. These softwares can help you with Longtail SEO keywords and short tail SEO keywords. Use relevant longtail keywords because if you use related longtail keywords in the content, the same keyword if searched, your content will appear in the search index. This is how your SEO keyword strategy works for making your content visible for all possible keywords.

Step 4 : Add relevant images, GIF’s, Video with Alt description

Virtual messages leave memorable footprints on the reader’s outlook. Sometimes readers are in hurry or don’t want to read the whole story so in that case, infographics can help better for the quick understanding the concept.  An author should be very careful while adding pictures, videos and GIF’s, infographics shouldn’t extend the load time of website or content and if in any case, pictures or infographic content is unable to load, then alt description can help to describe a clear text alternative of the image for screen reader users.

Step 5 : Bulk E-mailing

After making the content fully ready, it is necessary to try all the possible ways to get reader’s attention on the blog, as it is required to take it to the end user. Bulk emailing is the best way to take your content into consideration of audience. People are very regular to the check emails whether they read news or blogs regularly or not. The schedule, pattern, content and buttons are very important keys to making your bulk emailing campaign successful.

Step 6 : Formulation of mail content

To make email campaign victorious, title and subject line need to be very actionable which compel users to open the mail. Formation of title and subject line must be dramatic or full of eagerness so those users are compelled to open to know the whole story. Sometimes bloggers or even corporate keep sending bulk emails on regular basis to get more attention and user base on their blogs or website but this is not the right strategy, sending emails on daily basis could be very annoying, readers can mark you spam or unsubscribe you. So it’s better to send the summary of 3-4 blogs once or twice in a week.

According to the Google, always add a button of UNSUBSCRIBE in emails so that if any user finds getting emails unnecessary or annoying they can easily unsubscribe you, to resist them from marking you as a spam.

Personalisation in the mail can also be a good strategy to compel people to read your mail because it doesn’t give the vibes of getting bulk emails; it seems that the user has sent the email specifically to the person.

Step 7 : Invest time in AB testing

Formulation of email and AB testing for choosing the right time for sending emails both are majorly important to get high Click-through-rate. The timing of campaign plays a major role in the success of a campaign and it is not easy to presume right time and get results according to our presumption and here comes the role of AB testing. AB testing is the process of comparing 2 plans (plan A and plan B) and choosing the one which gets fruitful results. AB testing is like pilot surveys which give the insights of the whole survey. For example-Schedule mail to 10% users of one list at 10 am in the morning and schedule another mail to 10% users of another list at 9 pm in the evening time, then checks the analytics and choose which plan got good results.

Step 8 : Follow-up on emails and check analytics of blog

Only sending emails will not give you leads or fruitful results, it is also necessary to go for follow-up action. Try to interact with the list of people who opened and stayed on your page for minutes. Use the DRIP session strategy in conversation. Drip means to cut the whole conversation into small parts.

For example-

 Hi, I am Trisha from Amazon.in.
As I can see you have been gone through the mail but I haven’t get the chance to hear back from you.
Being our valued customer, I am sharing a coupon code with you, you can get flat 20% discount on all footwear range.

There are very fewer chances of getting revert if a chunk of data in a single message is sent for the followup, it’s better to go and interact first then present your requirement to the user.

DRIP Conversation

Me-Hi mam


Me- Hope you are doing well

Me- Mam, you have been gone through the mail I have sent regarding sharing the coupon code with you. Would you like to use the coupon for shopping?

User-Yes, I will use in the late evening….


Shruti Sachdeva

Shruti Sachdeva is a Client Servicing Manager at Energetic Stars. She is friendly, fun loving, and hardworking person who excels in nurturing company culture, and creating meaningful experiences for clients and co-workers alike. She earned Bachelor’s degree from Delhi University and now with her job she also invests her time in her studies for Masters in Business Administration. Her energy of doing mischievous things and crave for knowledge, finding new ways of customer handling makes her to stand out from the crowd and makes her more creative. In her spare time, Shruti enjoys cooking, reading, spending time with family and friends! Although not musically inclined in any way, shape, or form, Shruti loves singing because she feels it’s a Stress Burster. Moreover she was always appraised for her singing skills since her school days.