Why asking reviews from customers is important ?

To show your business customer friendly
Being responsive to the reviews makes the customers more positive, it shows how management/business takes care of their customers, it shows how much a firm is concerned about their customers and their satisfaction level.

Get Service/Product Recommendations 
Asking for reviews from customers helps to know about the best product or their best features from the product line and accept the necessary recommendations from the customers to make your product or service better.Reviews are the basis for the improvements, as customers are the end users of product/service

Fix it before you lose it
Getting reviews are vital in any business in this competitive environment as it helps business to know the product satisfaction level from the customers. If customer satisfaction level is unfavorable then necessary actions can be taken to retain customers instead of losing them abruptly.

Long tail keyword searches
The Additional content created by customers builds the possibility of Ranking upward for long tail keyword searches.
Customers will use the same language that other person will use while searching about your business.

Replacing marketing Expenditures
Posting reviews and positive word of mouth can replace or reduce the marketing expenditures as well as promote the brand and services provided by the company. Reviews is the organic way of promoting brand and it’s products by investing no money.

Drives up sales
Customers Reviews is a User-Generated Content and it is useful to gain trust, draw in more customers and drive more sales.Sometimes Customers are having some doubts,but the presence of reviews and their redressal can push customers to purchase


Shruti Sachdeva

Shruti Sachdeva is a Client Servicing Manager at Energetic Stars. She is friendly, fun loving, and hardworking person who excels in nurturing company culture, and creating meaningful experiences for clients and co-workers alike. She earned Bachelor’s degree from Delhi University and now with her job she also invests her time in her studies for Masters in Business Administration. Her energy of doing mischievous things and crave for knowledge, finding new ways of customer handling makes her to stand out from the crowd and makes her more creative. In her spare time, Shruti enjoys cooking, reading, spending time with family and friends! Although not musically inclined in any way, shape, or form, Shruti loves singing because she feels it’s a Stress Burster. Moreover she was always appraised for her singing skills since her school days.