Himanshu Jain

About Himanshu : The Hustler, Doer and the Master

As someone who has always held a passion for business development, Himanshu Jain attended the Amity International Business School at Amity University, where he majored in International Business, and minored in Finance and also add various other programs like Digital Marketing, International Retail Management, IRDA certification.

Currently serving as Co-Founder at Energetic Stars, Himanshu continues to garner knowledge and skills to secure membership of executive and high level clients. Having 4+ years of experience in Family Legacy Business, Banking Sector and Reputation Management Sector gives the ability to operate the business and manage it.

He is a lover of music, movies and tech savy. Outside of Energetic Stars, you can often find him exploring the city, playing with kids, randomly browsing through Social Media, trying his hands at the Electrical Equipments or unsuccessfully planning his trip around the world. 


A tech enthusiast, firm believer in metrics of customer obsession and net promoter score as majorly important in driving business, she loves to write and read articles, ideas in similar areas Connect at [email protected]