Monitoring Doctors Industry Online

"Almost half of consumers surveyed in 2014 believe reputation is the leading factor when selecting a doctor or a dentist. It is likely those numbers will continue to rise."

Quality of care is the most important review metric consumers take into account when deciding between providers (28%), with ratings (26%), patient experience (26%), and doctor background (21%) following closely behind.

On the administrative side, friendliness of staff was most important (32%), followed by ease of scheduling (22%), billing/payment issues (18%), and wait times (16%).

A 2016 survey conducted by SoftwareAdvice found that 84% of patients who responded use online reviews when evaluating physicians.

Why Reputation Monitoring?

Doctors cannot reveal any personal information on public platforms and hence dealing with negative public reviews can be quite tricky.

People are passionate about negative experiences. Giving a sympathetic response online makes them feel heard which creates positive relationship in the long run.

If you have lots of positive reviews your loyal patient base will step in and support you, which is better than doing it yourself.