How did an Online Furniture Rentor Converted Competitor’s Customers to their Own Using Social Listening

How did an Online Ecommerce Brand Converted Competitor’s Customers Using Social Listening


Increased Lead Conversion by 22% by Listening to Competitors’ Customers.

While brands nowadays are using social media marketing as a powerful medium for engagement, lead generation and sales, allow me to show you how an online furniture rentor increased its lead conversion, campaign ROI and website traffic only by listening to the customers of its competitors, leveraging the power of social listening. Couldn’t believe it? Let me explain you in detail.

I will use a case study based approach to help you understand how you can leverage social listening to outsmart your competitors .

Moving forward, let’s address the online furniture renting service as the “The Client.

Who is “The Client“?

The client is a up and coming brand that provides high quality furniture for rent at affordable prices in 5 metropolitan cities in India. They provide interior decorative solutions providing their clients an amazing experience in décor, accessories and appliances. The client provides solutions for both homes and offices.

Industry: Furniture (E-commerce)


|The Challenge|

The locations where the client was operating was a highly competitive space. The client was advertising heavily but was not able to meet the sales target for the corresponding period.


How did Rank Me Online helped The Client ?
confused marketer
increase in website traffic
Challenge: High Cost Per Click Due to Low Content Affinity

The message in the clients’ advertisements mostly focused renting quality furniture at affordable prices. This message didn’t click with the audience since the competitors were also advertising with the same offerings

Solution: Real-time Analysis of Customer Behavior

We checked what these customers were talking about in general online. Diving deep into the customers’ behavior helped us in understanding that apart from the quality and prices, this audience also cared about the style. Renting furniture gave them the freedom to design their homes as they like in a limited budget.

The campaign was modified to highlight the lifestyle of the target audience and the results were also immediate with website visits increasing by 23%.

Challenge: Competitor Tracking Was Not Disciplined

There were a lot of customers who were unhappy with the experience they had had with the competitors. But there was no system in place to tap those opportunities.

Solution: Automated Tracking of Competitor Mentions

We setup trackers on the competitors in the Rank Me Online platform. The platform was able to capture all the people who had had a bad experience with a competitors and these people were directly targeted by the brand showcasing the capabilities of our client in the best positive light.

72% of such customers were brought on-board by our client. 


competitor tug of war
good customer experience
Challenge: No Brand Presence on Recommendation Websites and Forums

There were a lot of people who were not aware about the brands providing furniture for rent. On the other hand, a lot of people who were aware about such brands were confused about choosing one. These people usually used platforms like Quora to discover which brand they should go with

Solution: Automated Tracking of Relevant Forums and Engagement for Leads

We setup trackers in Rank Me Online platform to discover people who were looking to rent furniture for their homes or offices. Whenever such a customer would express the need of renting furniture, the client was notified of the same.

This helped the client connect with potential clients much earlier than their competitors.

Challenge: Low Word of Mouth

The customers looking to rent furniture in a new city often relied on their friends or coworkers’ recommendations on a brand they had tried already. Since the audience reliance on word-of-mouth was high, engaging with influencers turned out to be the best strategy in this space.

Solution: Influencer Discovery for Accelerated Growth in Organic Mentions

Rank Me Online platform identified the most relevant influencers in each location for the client to partner with to spread word-of-mouth amongst the audience.

The reach of the campaign increased by 10X after engaging with the influencers.

How did the analysis benefited The Client ?

This analysis proved to be quite fruitful and game changing for The Client. Let’s take a look at the results: 

Competitve analysis results

So, now that you know well how beneficial social listening and monitoring can be in tracking your competitors and capitalizing from them, you can give Rank Me Online a try!

You can either request a demo or start with your 14-day free trial.

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